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Queen Elizabeth Class 2016-2017


Year 1 Curriculum 



Summer 1

This half term we will begin our project with the National Theatre.  We will be reading a Brazilian folktale which features mermaids, serpents and luminous frogs!  We will be using this topic in literacy to create our own characters and write short narratives around these.


In maths we will be learning to half and quarter shapes and numbers/ amounts.  We will also recap on our learning around multiplication and division.  


In geography we will be continuing to develop our understanding of the physical and human geography in our local area and comparing this geography with a small location in Brazil.


In DT we will be designing and making puppets to help us explore our story in literacy.


In Science we will be learning about different types of flowers, plants and trees.  We will observe flowers growing and will explore Primrose Hill to look for signs of summer.


In PE we will be learning how to play running, jumping and skipping games and in gymnastics we will be learning how our body can rock and roll on the floor and apparatus.  

Spring 2


This half term we welcome 10 living eggs into our classroom.  We will observe them hatch and will look after them for two weeks.  We will learn about the life cycle of a chicken and learn to identify the difference between different types of animals.  We will write descriptions of the chickens and keep a diary about our chicks.  We will also collect data about our chicks, for example how many boys there are and how many girls there are.  

We will be reading 'No Dinner', the story of an old woman who sets off through the forest to visit her granddaughter, when "Boo!" – one by one, out jump a hungry fox, a hungry bear and a hungry tiger.  The story is based on a traditional tale from India.


We are very excited to be learning all about Hampi located in Southern India.  We will be using Google Earth to explore the town and will be comparing the town with Primrose Hill.  We will think about some of things that we share with people in India with a particular emphasis on our homes, both inside and out. 


In Art we will be learning to mix colours to create the correct colour to paint pictures of our chicks.  We will think about how to show the different textures.  We will then design a print for our own Indian style wrapping paper.  


In Science we will be learning about different animals and comparing the structures of different types of animals from chickens to tigers.  


In PE and Dance we will be learning to play partner games and we will be learning to create our own dances using music from Bollywood.  

 Spring 1

This half term we will be diving into the world of Never Land.  We will become the Lost Girls and Boys of Never Land and will be hunting for Peter Pan.  On 16th January we will be continuing our hunt for Peter in the Princess Diana Memorial Garden, Hyde Park.  We will also be having a pyjama party day (date to be confirmed) where we will turn our class room into the Lost Boy and Girl Hideout, hiding from Captain Hook of course!


This topic aims to capture our imaginations and transport us to another world where Year 1 will learn more writing skills.  We will be writing instructions on how to build a boat that does not sink, writing letters to Peter Pan and writing letters home to our grown-ups.  We will also be learning to use our imagination to write stories just like J. M. Barrie. 


In Maths, we will use our Never Land topic to continue to learn about multiplication and division and of course no Peter Pan topic will be complete without learning to tell the time!  The cheeky crocodile has swallowed all of our alarm clocks so we must find a way to get them back.


In Art & DT we will be building boats, hide outs and creating art work around Never Land.  Please do bring us any plain junk modelling for all our building this half term.


In Science we will be investigating different types of materials.  In Geography we will be comparing our home with homes from around the world.


This half term in Year 1 we have lots of exciting new topics coming up.   In maths we will be learning about numbers in the number system; counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s; getting familiar with the hundred square.  We will also be learning adding, taking away and developing our knowledge and understanding number bonds to 20.  

We will focus on the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ during Literacy in the first few weeks.  We will be creating art work and learning early writing skills such as writing on the line, finger spaces, sounding out words and using capital letters and full stops.  Of course we shall be having a wild ‘rumpus’ of a time as well!

In Science this term we will be focusing on the topic living things. 

In RE we will be learning all about the story of Noah’s Ark.  

In Geography we will be learning about where we live and our local community.  

Art and DT run alongside many subjects in Year 1.  We will be collaging, making puppets and hand printing. 

During PE we will explore gymnastics in the hall and group games outside.













Year 1's homework this week is to choose a number from 1 - 100 and use the 100 square to find out 10 less, 10 more, 1 less and 1 more of that number.