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Year 2


Angel Falls Class

Spring Term 1

Our main theme this term is science and literacy led.  The story we will learn and use for writing inspiration is The Robot and the Bluebird, by David Lucas.  This story offers opportunities for writing in role, exploring feelings, developing descriptive vocabulary and also writing an alternative ending. The link with science draws upon materials and their uses.  We will be conducting tests, recording  and answering questions from our results.  Drawing upon our knowledge about materials and their uses, the pupils will be set a non-fiction writing task that links directly with our literacy text.

In music, we also have a fantastic link whereby we can explore the qualities of metal sounds from instruments that we have and also 'junk' instruments. We will explore and develop a sound world to accompany the story. 

Mathematics continues to further our skills in addition, subtraction and multiplication with the introduction now of fractions.  The pupils have been practising their fluency of recall with regular speed tests : quick mental calculation and known facts.  We will send these home at times to try.

Our RE topic covers aspects of remembrance.  This explores how we remember and celebrate the good, and sad times in our lives.  The children will learn about the significance of fasting during the time of Ramadan.  As we approach Lent, we will learn to understand what it means to say sorry, ask for forgiveness and consider what it is like to 'do without'.

PHSCE : Going for Goals!

We will start the term by making new year resolutions after some reflection on the past year.  We will explore how best we learn and set personal targets and goals.


Wednesday- games

Friday – gymnastics in the hall

Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit for these lessons. Generally speaking, if your child is well enough to come to school, the expectation is that they will participate in the PE lesson. However, if there are any particular circumstances, please speak to the teacher.


In art, we will learn about two artists who used vibrant colour and strong shapes in their work: Mondrian and Kandinsky.  We will recreate painting, printing and collage in this style while learning about how colours are complementary or contrasting.



Homework is handed out on Thursdays and due back on Tuesdays.

Please check that your child understands what they have to do. The homework is meant to consolidate learning and should be done independently. It will usually be work that has previously been taught in class or sometimes a ’finding out’ homework, for example interviewing a relative. If you have a query, please speak to Miss Gray or Ms Smith.  

Spellings are given out and tested on Mondays. We are no moving onto some of the more tricky spelling rules and suffixes, however it is important to look back at previous spellings to consolidate high frequency words. Please help your child learn the spellings in the context of whole sentences: read the word out aloud in a sentence or children can have a go at writing sentences using the word.

Reading books are changed twice per week. It is essential that children both read and discuss books frequently at home, not only to help with decoding and vocabulary, but also with understanding. If your child needs an extra book, please see Miss Gray or Ms Smith. If your child is reading longer books, it may be that this won’t need changing as frequently.


CLC (computing centre)  12th January- all day

We will require three additional adults for both these trips. If you are able to help, please contact Miss Gray or Ms Smith.





















A very special visit.. (10 images)

We had a very exciting afternoon thanks to a visit from West Hampstead firefighters. They talked to us about their jobs and gave us lots of facts about the engine as well as how to look for hazards at home. We even got a chance to have a go with the hose!

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The Fire of London Revisited (24 images)

Year 2 explored how the Great Fire of London spread by burning our own model houses.

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Year 2 Trip to Kidzania (0 images)

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Year 2 Christingle making (6 images)

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Year 2 Nativity (23 images)

Nativity and Christingles December 2016

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2016 Nativity (23 images)

Year 2 Christingles

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Year 2 trip to the CLC (2 images)

Year 2 went on a visit to the Camden Learning Centre to learn about coding. Here are a couple of examples of our work.

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Science- spreading germs! (6 images)

We investigated how germs spread and how to wash our hands effectively. Our lucky volunteers coated their hands in oil and then flour to represent germs whilst the class predicted what would remove the most dirt. The choice was out of using a combination of soap, no soap, hot or cold water. It was quite messy and quite shocking to see how thoroughly we needed to wash our hands. We then practised good handwashing techniques.

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Year 2 Watercolours on the Hill (6 images)

On Wednesday we were very lucky to have an artist who specialises in watercolours to take us up Primrose Hill to paint the view. Our focus was trees and fortunately we managed to catch some sunshine too! We were working on using different brushes and layering colour.

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Y1 3D Wild Things (7 images)

We recycled materials to make our own wild things. Do you like them?

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Y1 DT (26 images)

We made 'Gruffalo crumble' by listening and following instructions. It tasted delicious!

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