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Year 4

Great Barrier Reef Class Spring Term overview and parent information


This half term will be centred around a book called The Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry which is an informative story about the Amazon Rainforest. We will be writing non-fiction reports on life in the Rainforest which will link to both Science and Geography.


In Geography we will learn about the awe inspiring Amazon Rainforest. The children will explore the types of animals, plants and people living in this amazing habitat. This will be brought to life with a trip to the Amazon Explorer House in London Zoo.


This half term we will be learning about electricity. During this topic we investigate circuits and the components that complete a working circuit, including switches and how this 'break' enables us to control whether the light is on or off.

Grammar is taught discreetly and also embedded in the teaching of creative writing. Handwriting is taught regularly, working towards a fluent and joined hand.

Spellings are given out and tested on a Friday. Please help your child to learn these by using them in context of a sentence rather than in isolation. Please feel free to ask me if you feel unsure how to do this. Spellings will be based upon patterns and rules, including phonetic and grammatical rules. Sometimes they will include topic vocabulary and high frequency rules.


All pupils are expected and encouraged to read at least five times a week at home. Please support them to do this, their reading logs need to be filled in regularly so they can be checked. Reading logs should be handed in on a Friday so (whilst we get into our routine) help your child remember to have put in their bag Thursday evening.


Mathematics is taught daily with a regular focus on investigation and applying in addition to securing calculation methods. Problem solving skills are developed with the aim of enabling all children to become confident at ‘having a go’. All children are given tasks with appropriate challenge and depending on their competency will be supported and/or encouraged to be independent learners accordingly. Checking, estimating and generalising are essential mathematical skills that are developed through the whole of KS2.

We also work on mental recall of facts and calculation methods frequently, with the intention of children achieving their bronze, silver, and gold times table awards. Please help your child secure their times table facts with regular times table practise at home. Again, please feel free to discuss with me ideas about how this can be done.


We will be using some of our art lessons to make our costumes for the dance festival. These will include helmets and shields.

We will also be studying the work of Henri Rousseau, who painted wonderful jungle landscapes. We will use colour mixing and collage to produce our own 'rainforest' scenes.


Generally speaking, if your child is well enough for school they should also be well enough to take part in PE.  However, if there are any exceptions to the rule, please speak to the office or the teacher and provide a note.

No outdoor PE while the weather is so cold.

Indoor PE - Wednesday.

Swimming -  Tuesday Morning. All children must have a costume, towel and swimming cap.

Please remember the Dance Festival is taking place 13/3/18. This is a really exciting event which all are invited to. You MUST have a ticket so remember to buy one.



We will begin our ukulele lessons this term, which will be led by an external music teacher. All children will be given a school ukulele to take home a practise. All aspects of music will be covered in the lessons including learning standard notation, singing and percussive accompaniments.


Pupils will have a dedicated French lesson every week with a specialist teacher, building upon their previous learning.


The theme for RE this term is pilgrimage. The children will learn about the importance of spiritual journeys to people of all faiths. We will also learn about the Easter story and relate this to forgiveness.



Weekly Reports:

You will be familiar with the weekly report sheets from last year.  Please remember that these will not give detailed accounts of progress, but just let you know that things are generally going well or let you know of any other messages.

The ticks relate to our chart in class and are linked to house-points and sticker/ certificate rewards.

Please remember to sign the sheet and return to school every Monday.


Homework is given out on Thursday and needs to come back to school on Tuesday.   The expectation is that homework is done, and presented in line with how we expect pupils to present their class work – neatly in pencil or pen (not ballpoint please).   The work will be based upon what we have covered in class so pupils should be able to complete it independently, but please support your child by scanning over and encouraging best efforts.  

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to talk to me after school for a brief chat, or make an appointment for a longer meeting if necessary.


Spellings Spring Term





Please practise spellings from this half term during the break.



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Homework Spring term

16/3/18  This weeks homework cannot be uploaded.



Half term homework




Homework for the first week back is on