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Year 5

Class Assembly

Well done for making it an amazing show and thanks for all your effort. Thanks also to parents who were able to support the children at home and by coming to see them.


Fri 3rd Nov    Fri 10th Nov    Fri 17th Nov
painful            duplicate           explosion
successful      estimate           confusion
playful             replicate           solution
boastful           passionate       location
thoughtful       desperate         interruption

Fri 8th Sep     Fri 15th Sep      Fri 22nd Sep      Fri 29th Sep      Fri 13th Oct      Fri 20th Oct
shout               ahead                tight                     sudden               necessary          although
proud               measure            birthright             reason                cinema               through
cloud                instead              frightful               soften                 accident              rough
crouch              health               delight                 iron                     descend             cough
slouch              ready                almighty              often                   certificate            plough


17th Nov - designing an Xmas star and writing thanks

10th Nov - comparative connectives and multiplication and division questions

2nd Nov - a play script scene about Brancaster and MyMaths multiplication

19th Oct - speech marks and adding and converting fractions

12th Oct - subordinate clauses and MyMaths finding factors

28th Sep - two national park fact files and maths addition/subtraction

21st Sep - family/fictional biography and MyMaths task on ordering whole numbers

14th Sep - international evening and rounding 


Autumn Term Overview


This term we will be revising our map-work skills using maps and atlases. We will mark and analyse geographical differences and undertake research to find out why Giant Sequoias only grow in one place on Earth, and compare this locale with our own.

Our main topic this term will be a comparative study between Primrose Hill and Brancaster; location of our residential trip taking place 4th - 6th October.  Whilst in Brancaster we will take part in observational walks, look for differences and similarities in physical and human features, orienteer our way around an unknown area using ordnance survey map skills, including understanding symbols, keys and contour lines.  We will then use the knowledge we have gathered to design and build our own model communities and make detailed maps  

In science we will be studying forces.  We will be learning and broadening our understanding of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction.  We will be thinking about variables and fair testing when planning and carrying out experiments.

Within RE lessons, we will be reading and discussing a variety of creation stories of different religions and cultures from around the world.  We will discuss mankind’s stewardship of the world and reflect upon the impact we have had in the past and the possible ways we could improve in the future.  In Art we will be practising our sketching and painting skills and in PE we will be focusing on improving our ball skills and gymnastics.  



I hope everyone enjoyed Brancaster! The activities were diverse and well run and the children coped amazinigly well being away from home. I hope everyone has relaxed, recuperated and had a good wash. We will bring Brancaster into our lessons for the remainder of the half-term and let the rest of the school know what a great time we had!

Here are some pictures from the trip. For the remainder of the albums, which should also be downloadable, click HERE.