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Year 6: Everest Class

Welcome to the Spring term

In writing we will begin with the novel Pax by Sara Pennypacker. This wonderful story, illustrated by Jon Klassen will tie in with our termly topic of WW2. We will be using this text to support writing through describing settings, characters and atmosphere. The children will be creating story maps that help drafting and evaluating writing. We will be creating poetry and scripts form the book. Within SPaG The focus for this term will be on sentence types and strategies for using different sentences; clauses within sentences (subordinate, relative, embedded); changing verbs into adjectives; degrees of possibility as shown by modal verbs; the perfect form of English to mark time and cause (showing the correct tense) and the use of the passive voice.

In maths we will be returning to number and place value, multistep problems; stats (including calculating the mean); decimal and fraction equivalence; estimating and calculating volume; and expressing missing number problems algebraically

For topic we are studying WW2, it’s causes and timeline; how everyday life was affected in London including evacuation, rationing, bombing raids; and the role of women in WW2.

For science we are studying light. We will be carrying out investigations in 5 main areas: Bending light; colour within light; how we see objects; sources of light creation of shadows. We will be working on our investigative skills and how to conduct fair tests.

In computing we will be using Scratch to code a scene that they will then broadcast a message through, show and hide blocks, sequence events in a story, add audio and increase interactivity

In art we will be researching propaganda posters before creating our own. Following this we will be creating a 3d model of the travels of characters from Pax, our class book.

In RE our topic is the Moses and miracles as explained in the bible

For PE we are studying mirroring and movement. This will involve partner work in creating sequences of events that use balance, jumps, rolls..

Please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit for these lessons.  If your child is participating in PE, please provide a letter with reasonable detail.

Finally in PSHCE we are looking at going for goals, how to manage our goals, how to overcome obstacles and excuses that we may find.

Our trip next half term is to Churchill’s War rooms, where the children will experience what it was like for British wartime leaders to manage their decisions.



This is given out on Thursdays and returned on Tuesdays.

Spellings will be given out on Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.  Please support your child in learning these. 




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