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Year 6: Everest Class

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term

In writing we will begin with the novel Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. We will be using this to continuing writing in a variety of styles (diary entry, recount, letter, alternative ending to a story). We will also be comparing the book to the film.  This will be followed using A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. This will be used to work on biographies and persuasive writing. The focus for this term will be on sentence type (simple, compound, complex), clauses within sentences (main, subordinate, relative), passive and active voice, and past/present perfect tense. This will form the basis for writing weekly homework.

In maths we will be focusing on the multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentage, algebra and stats. This will be supported with word problems and real life applications, to give the taught input context.

For topic we are studying volcanos and earthquakes, how they occur, where they occur and the impact that they can have on the communities in the areas affected.

For science we are studying light. We will be carrying out investigations in 5 main areas: Bending light; colour within light; how we see objects; sources of light creation of shadows. We will be working on our investigative skills and how to conduct fair tests.

In computing we will be learning making a film, planning a script, researching, writing scripts, filming and editing

In art we will be planning and creating something to sell at the Christmas fair.

In RE our topic is the Christmas story and how it impacts our everyday life.

For music we are studying song structure; how they are used in songs and how you identify song structures.

For PE we are studying dance, using the inspiration from our book Stormbreaker to focus on creating dances in the style of James Bond.

Please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit for these lessons.  If your child is participating in PE, please provide a letter with reasonable detail.

Finally in PSHCE we are looking at citizenship and how to the various roles our emergency services support us with. This will be reinforced with a visit to the Museum for Transport.


This is given out on Thursdays and returned on Tuesdays.

Spellings will be given out on Wednesday and tested on the following Wednesday.  Please support your child in learning these. 




If you would like to create your own word searches you can use the website here

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