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OFSTED 4th October 2016

"As a result of increased challenge and more effectively targeted activities, pupils learn well and outcomes remain high. Disadvantaged pupils, including the most able, are making good progress across the school. Work in current pupils' books and unvalidated 2016 assessment information show that pupils are continuing to achieve well. Proportions of pupils achieving a high standard are above the national averages." OFSTED INSPECTION LETTER

SIAMS Report 2nd February 2017

Religious education contributes well to the distinctive Christian character of the school and children are able to understand the relationship between Christian values and their own lives. An example of this came from a child, reflecting on the life of Jesus and the schools emphasis on the ‘4 Rs’ of resilience, reflection, reciprocity and resourcefulness, commented that ‘Jesus was like these and we want to be an amazing person like Jesus’.

Collective worship is a key focal point for the school community. It is valued by all and appreciated as a time to be ‘calm, relaxed and close to God’, as one child described it. This time and space is clearly appreciated by all members of the school community, including staff and parents who particularly value the regular church visits.

Parents speak highly of the school as a church school, particularly the ‘openness and approachability of the headteacher and staff’ and how efficient the school is at dealing with problems when they arise. SIAMS INSPECTION REPORT

OFSTED 1-2 December 2011

The staff work hard to ensure that pupils are well cared for and that all pupils are well supported. This is reflected in pupils' enthusiastic attitudes to learning, positive relationships and their well-being.  Read full report

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Teacher workload

Teacher workload is a much considered and long debated topic.  The challenges of the job are ever increasing and complex and the number of different hats a teacher wears in a day are numerous and sometimes unexpected.

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