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Welcome to St Paul's CE Primary School                           

St Paul's is a voluntary aided Church of England school with a strong Christian ethos and values.

Our greatest ambition is to develop our children as good learners and good neighbours and to support them to make their ‘lights shine in the world' as they grow to take their place in it.

St Paul’s is first and foremost a learning environment. We prepare young people for a happy, confident entry into, and through, school life, which includes our own safety. This means developing their confidence and belief in themselves, helping them to make good friends and developing a wide range of interests and skills, alongside inspiring them to achieve academic excellence. 

Our children are curious and eager learners, applying their wisdom to making choices for learning and living well.

Our children are curious and eager learners, applying their wisdom to making choices for learning and living well.  Children are constantly developing resourcefulness, mindfulness and endurance as they master their learning concepts and apply them to new learning and challenges.

Daily we see our children living out our school values and the Christian Values; demonstrating care and helping each other at work and at play, demonstrating service and compassion to each other, children willingly get involved in supporting charity events either through school council led activities, national initiatives or the house captains’ fundraisers, including supporting our link school Bowa, in Malawi. 

We pride ourselves on being both outward and forward-looking. Our pupils come from diverse backgrounds and we are proud to reflect the cosmopolitan mix of London.

We are not just tolerant of difference; we value it, celebrate it and encourage each child to be different. This is rooted in our school aims and Christian ethos.

We are a small school with a strong extended school community. We have an active parents' group, FOSPA, which offers valuable time in support of the School, and whose financial contributions have assisted many projects.

Ultimately we are thankful daily for our little school and the incredible opportunities it works to give our young learners and people throughout their lives at school.

The best way to feel the buzz of our school is to visit. Come and tour the school, meet the staff - but above all come and meet the young people who work and play here. They are our finest ambassadors, and they will speak eloquently of what this school means to them.

Mr Clive Hale | Headteacher