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School Improvement

St Paul's is a continuing improving school and our ambition is for it to be a place where children thrive and love learning.

We have listed a summary of our school improvement aims.

Outcomes for Pupils

  • KS1
    • Writing- high expectations for writing fluency and spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
    • Pupil Premium groups
  • KS2
    • Writing-Increasing opportunity for writing and improving feedback to enable children to self-edit and self-assess
    • Focus on those exceeding at KS1 and progress particularly in writing

Teaching & learning and Pupil Achievement

  • Increasing opportunity and challenge in writing across the school and across the curriculum.
  • Investigate standardised assessments, moderation materials and exemplars for key subjects in all classes
  • Understand, with greater precision, the needs of groups of learners, particularly those for whom the school receives Pupil Premium, and to tailor learning opportunities and experience more closely to identified need.

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare       

  • Transition from Early Years to KS1- Supporting children to make the transition into Year 1 by using EYFS style of classroom organisation in term one.
  • Engender a sense of calm and respect across the school as a foundation for promoting readiness for learning and modelled by adults in the school.
  • Ensure that the school is meeting its responsibility under the equalities duty and to review equalities and the basis of protected characteristics- specifically-race, religion, gender disability and economic opportunity in order to create a new action plan- due for review.
  • Investigate site security further by looking at the effectiveness of the back boundary fence in particular by the climbing wall
  • School safeguarding records are fully compliant with agreed school procedure and recommendations


Leadership and Management

  • Governance involvement in financial planning to improve secure knowledge of process
  • Take steps to learn and understand what an “outstanding” school looks like: what does teaching and learning look like at an outstanding school; what steps can St Paul’s take to get there.
  • Implement robust systems of monitoring and review that include greater focus on impact and accountability for senior, middle and subject leaders.
  • Review and further refine the curriculum maps and ensure they address skills progression.
  • Develop provision using the site managers house.


  • (LM) To ensure an understanding of the school’s distinctive Christian vision is fully understood by all . (£300)
  • (CW) To develop opportunities for children to be involved in the overall planning, monitoring and evaluation of worship.
  • (RE) To develop children’s understanding of the global dimension of Christianity.
  • (RE) To ensure that RE lessons are fully designed to better meet the needs of all abilities. (CW/PSHCE/RE) To utilise the blue hide and garden area to create a space for outdoor reflection (£200) (mirrors/water/chimes/statuary)