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Year 1:  Florence Price Class


Year 1, Summer 1, Half Termly Bulletin


Please follow the link below to access the Year 1 Meet the Teacher presentation.




Home reading books will be changed or checked twice a week. Please make sure you are reading with your child every day for about 10 minutes. We recommend reading each book 2 times: once for decoding the words and the second time for meaning when they are more familiar with the words.





We are currently working on number order, particularly where numbers are placed on a line. Quiz your children on what number comes before and after number between 1-20! We are also working on counting accurately with a group of objects up to 20.


There are additionally lots of fun games to be found on

**Don't forget the value of games such as snakes and ladders for counting!


Spelling and Grammar

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Grammar


How words can combine to make sentences

Joining words and joining clauses using and


Sequencing sentences to form short narratives


Separation of words with spaces

Introduction to capital letters, full stops, question marks and exclamation marks to demarcate sentences

Capital letters for names and for the personal pronoun  I

Terminology for pupils

letter, capital letter

word, singular, plural


punctuation, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark



Words that pupils are expected to spell and use correctly in their writing by the end of Year 1

the, a, do, to, today, of, said, says, are, were, was, is, his, has, I, you, your, they, be, he, me, she, we, no, go, so, by, my, here, there, where, love, come, some, one, once, ask, friend, school, put, push, pull, full, house, our