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Year 2 

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General Information


Monday- games, weather permitting outdoors.

Friday – Gym or dance in the hall

Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit for these lessons. Generally speaking, if your child is well enough to come to school, the expectation is that they will participate in the PE lesson. However, if there are any particular circumstances, please speak to the teacher.



Homework is handed out on Thursdays and due back on Tuesdays.

Please check that your child understands what they have to do. The homework is meant to consolidate learning and should be done independently. It will usually be work that has previously been taught in class or sometimes a ’finding out’ homework.

If you have a query, please speak to Miss Gray or Ms Smith.  

Spellings are given out and tested on Mondays. To begin with, the children are revising high frequency words and previously taught phonics. Sometimes the spelling words will be connected to topics we are learning about. Please help your child learn the spellings in the context of whole sentences: read the word out aloud in a sentence or children can have a go at writing sentences using the word.


Reading books are changed at least twice per week. It is essential that children both read and discuss books frequently at home, not only to help with decoding and vocabulary, but also with understanding. If your child needs an extra book, please see Miss Gray or Ms Smith. If your child is reading longer books, it may be that this won’t need changing as frequently.  This half term we are guiding the children with their comprehension in preparation for SATs.


  Class Events and Trips


Monday 8th July (All Day): Boat Trip on River Thames.

Children will require a packed lunch.  


Thursday 11th July:  The class will have a one-off swimming lesson.

Please ensure that your child has a swimming kit.  All children need a swimming hat, towel and goggles in addition to a bathing suit: girls must have a one-piece swimming costume and boys must have fitted swimming trunks, not surf-shorts.




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Common Exception Words

Year 1 Common Exception Words

Year 2 Common Exception Words


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 Extra Lined Paper 

 Current Homework

4th July 2019 : Maths, finding Kg and g at home!

13th June 2019 Camden Cluster Festival song words

6th June: 3-D shapes in buildings   Photo page of buildings