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Year 4

Elgar Class Spring 1 Half Term overview and parent information



Wednesday 16th January – Kew Gardens. Maths in the Great Outdoors workshop.

Wednesday 6th February – CLC. Computing workshop.





In Literacy this half term we will be writing non-chronological reports on a South American country, writing our own fables, inspired by our book, ‘Tales of South America’ and writing poetry inspired by our artist, Henri Rousseau.



In Geography we will be exploring South America. There will be opportunities for map work to identify countries and key cities, as well as physical features such as mountain ranges. We will use the Amazon rainforest to enquire about the water cycle as well as completing a river study on the Amazon river, linking to human geography and how the river supports communities who rely on it to survive.


We will continue our learning on changing states of matter and initiate new learning surrounding the digestive system and human teeth!  As always, science learning is based around scientific discovery and questioning. This Includes classifying, observing over time, looking for patterns and designing fair tests.


Spellings are given out and tested on a Thursday. Please help your child to learn these by using them in context of a sentence rather than in isolation. Please feel free to ask me if you feel unsure how to do this. Spellings will be based upon patterns and rules, including phonetic and grammatical rules. Sometimes they will include topic vocabulary and high frequency rules.



All pupils are expected and encouraged to read for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. Please support your child to do this and remind them to complete their reading logs. The Year 4 adults use these to identify which children are reading frequently both inside and outside of the classroom.




Maths this half term has a focus on multiplication and division before we move onto my favourite subject, fractions! We will be continuing with our mastery approach of deep and embedded learning. If you would like some more information about mastery or a refresher on a particular topic, please let me know. I’m more than happy to run through how we teach a topic and if there is a few people who’s like input on similar things, I’m more than happy to run a workshop for parents too.



This half term our artist is Henri Rousseau with a focus on his rainforest images. We will look particularly at his use of colour and texture before completing a project composition inspired by him using different mediums.


Generally speaking, if your child is well enough for school they should also be well enough to take part in PE.  However, if there are any exceptions to the rule, please speak to the office or the teacher and provide a note.

Outdoor PE is on a Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a PE kit with appropriate shoes. 


This half term we are focussing on cricket and the diverse skills of bowling, batting and fielding.



We will continue our ukulele lessons this term, which will be led by an external music teacher, Alex. All children will be given a school ukulele to take home and practise. All aspects of music will be covered in the lessons including learning standard notation, singing and percussive accompaniments.


Pupils will have a dedicated French lesson every week with a specialist teacher, building upon their previous learning.


The theme for RE this term is pilgrimage. We will be looking at pilgrimages undertaken in various faiths, discussing their significance to those who take part as well as their similarities to each other.



Homework is given out on Thursday and needs to come back to school on Tuesday.   We are having a renewed push this half term to ensure that homework is completed to the same standard of presentation that we would expect in school – neatly in pencil (unless otherwise stated.) The work will be based upon what we have covered in class so pupils should be able to complete it independently, but please support your child by scanning over and encouraging best efforts.  

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to talk to me after school for a brief chat, or make an appointment for a longer meeting if necessary.